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The control box consists of a pressure source, pressure relief switch, and controller.  The box requires a 10 Amp circuit and has an optional battery pack that allows the system to operate for up to 40 hours after system power is disabled.  

Control Box

  1.        The Patent Pending Dri-Line™ Fill System was designed for fluid transfer applications where removing the fluid in a conduit is necessary due to freezing, reactivity, contamination, fluid value, or environmental safety concerns. The Dri-Line™ eliminates the need for costly drainage systems, heated hoses, heated couplings and receivers, and the power supplies, controllers, wiring, and other electronics to support these devices. The Dri-Line™ enables instantaneous filling upon startup.  The Dri-Line™ system forces all fluid out of the conduit and into the reservoir, leaving only a trace of fluid that cannot impact future operations even if frozen.  Evacuating the conduit typically recovers 99% of the fluid in the conduit and requires less than 1% of the energy needed in heated lines.  The Dri-Line™ Ground Level Fill (GLF) was originally designed to deal with the complex issues of GLF of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into construction and mining equipment.​


​​Relaxed (Clear hose for demonstration only)

Hartmann Dri-Line™ Evacuation System

A self-contained fluid evacuation system for Tier IV Final engines using SCR to prevent fluid or DEF lines from freezing.  Designed for off-road and heavy duty applications. 

 Key System Features


  • Eliminates issues surrounding fluid line freezing
  • Eliminates electrical energy required for heated hoses 
  • Provides instantaneous fill capability; no waiting for frozen fill systems to thaw
  • Operates independent of on-vehicle CAN-BUS or other on-board control systems