Control Box


  1.        The Patent Pending Dri-Line™ Fill System was designed for fluid transfer applications where removing the fluid in a conduit is necessary due to freezing, reactivity, contamination, fluid value, or environmental safety concerns. The Dri-Line™ eliminates the need for costly drainage systems, heated hoses, heated couplings and receivers, and the power supplies, controllers, wiring, and other electronics to support these devices. The Dri-Line™ enables instantaneous filling upon startup.  The Dri-Line™ system forces all fluid out of the conduit and into the reservoir, leaving only a trace of fluid that cannot impact future operations even if frozen.  Evacuating the conduit typically recovers 99% of the fluid in the conduit and requires less than 1% of the energy needed in heated lines.  The Dri-Line™ Ground Level Fill (GLF) was originally designed to deal with the complex issues of GLF of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into construction and mining equipment.​

 Key System Features


  • Eliminates issues surrounding fluid line freezing
  • Eliminates electrical energy required for heated hoses 
  • Provides instantaneous fill capability; no waiting for frozen fill systems to thaw
  • Operates independent of on-vehicle CAN-BUS or other on-board control systems



The control box consists of a pressure source, pressure relief switch, and controller.  The box requires a 10 Amp circuit and has an optional battery pack that allows the system to operate for up to 40 hours after system power is disabled.  


​​Relaxed (Clear hose for demonstration only)

Hartmann Dri-Line™ Evacuation System

A self-contained fluid evacuation system for Tier IV Final engines using SCR to prevent fluid or DEF lines from freezing.  Designed for off-road and heavy duty applications.