Standard Operating Procedure

  • Energize supply pump
  • Attach DEF Fill Nozzle to receiver
  • Actuate Nozzle
  • Shut-off valve opens and filling begins
  • Displaced air escapes through vent
  • Once the fluid level in the tank has reached the "full level", the fill level control signals the shut-off valve and nozzle to close
  • No more DEF can be introduced into the reservoir 
  • Remove nozzle and the vehicle is ready for service

Key System Features

  • Fill rates up to 800 LPM/200 GPM

  • Positive shut-off prevents spillage and pressurizing of reservoir

  • Fluid specific nozzle and receiver prevent cross contamination 

  • Remote vent prevents pressurization, allowing the use of thin wall or molded reservoirs

  • System tested to -40 degrees

  • 100% DEF compatible materials and components  

​​​DEF Fast Fill Fluid Control System

  • Closed fill system prevents pressurizing DEF reservoirs
  • DEF transfer closed system design eliminates external contamination
  • The ability to connect and disconnect while supply line is pressurized